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Home Safety Tips to Prevent Seniors From Falling


The safety of your senior loved ones should be a top priority. They are prone to falls even at home. So you need to take extra steps to ensure they don’t get injured. As the leading home care agency in South Holland, Illinois, we will help you keep your seniors safe at home. Follow these simple tips:

  • Get their eyesight checked.
    See if they need anything such as new glasses. You can also add lighting fixtures to help them see well.
  • Install bathroom safety devices.
    Provide support for bathing and toileting using shower chairs and raised toilet seats. Since the bathroom is slippery, add non-slip floor mats for added grip.
  • Keep the house clean.
    Spills, candy wrappers, cables, and other clutter can be the cause of fall accidents. The things they always use should also be organized and easily accessible.
  • Encourage them to exercise regularly.
    Regular physical activity will help improve the balance, coordination, and coordination they need to avoid falls. Consult with their physician to know which exercises suit their capabilities.
  • Consider hiring a home health aide.
    They will keep your seniors safe while you are away. Aside from providing assistance and making sure their needs are met, caregivers will help them avoid falls.

Sweet Love Home Care Agency offers top-quality home nursing in Illinois. Our goal is to provide comfort and support to seniors, veterans, children, and people with disabilities at home.

We also provide non-emergency medical transportation services for those who need a ride. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.

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