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How Does Physical Therapy Help in a Senior’s Health?


Maintaining a healthy level of physical health becomes more difficult as people age due to the natural decline in mobility, muscle strength, and even balance. Due to age-related physical difficulties and persistent pain, many of them cannot carry out even the most basic daily activities and need senior care.

That’s why most receive care at home with the help of their family members or get services, such as non-emergency medical transportation, to get them outside and enable them to travel to their needed destination.

Impaired mobility and balance can increase the fall risk, resulting in catastrophic injuries; fortunately, seniors may be able to move appropriately and regain their mobility with the help of physical therapy.

Physical therapy, as a part of elderly care, is often the treatment of choice when managing pain, enhancing balance, and improving muscle strength and endurance for most seniors.

Moreover, it can be helpful for the elderly with arthritis because it provides them with activities to maintain joint strength and mobility. Physical therapy’s emphasis on building strength via exercise and movement can also reduce arthritic pain.

At Sweet Love Home Care Agency, our home nursing in South Holland, Illinois, can aid in providing healthcare professionals who can help assist when you or a loved one undergoes physical therapy under our care.

We can also provide non-medical care and other services at our home care agency in Illinois through our caregivers and help convince seniors to exercise when needed, together with physical therapy. Contact us for more information or any queries about our services today.

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