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Top Issues with Seniors’ Medication Adherence


Medication adherence is one of the most essential behaviors that elderly people and their families should practice. This entails taking the medication as directed by their doctor. However, as a home care agency in Illinois, we understand that due to a few obstacles, this is trickier to accomplish than it seems.

What exactly are these difficulties, and how may they be overcome?

  • Accessibility to medications
    The availability of medications is one of the obstacles to medication adherence. Due to challenges with timely prescription refills, people struggle to follow their medication regimens. However, they can now benefit from pharmacies’ automatic medication refill programs. At a certain time, these services will automatically send refills to their door.
  • Memory Issues with Medicines
    The elderly may have trouble remembering their medication regimes. That makes sense because it can be challenging to remember when exactly to take which medication, especially when there are so many medications to keep track of. However, they have caretakers to assist them in remembering their schedules because of our home nursing in South Holland, Illinois.
  • Lack of Professional Staff at Home
    A family caregiver may occasionally be unable to provide some medications. Home care services, on the other hand, can increase the knowledge of qualified nursing assistants who can carry out that duty for you at home.

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Among our array of services, we offer also non-emergency medical transportation to provide an extended convenience to the elderly. We understand the struggle of getting to their doctor’s appointment and other destination with lack of proper trasnportation services. Hence, we are providing you one to take an advantage of.

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